Kid Tripp

"Kid Tripp is a wonderful platforming experience that will have you moving around on your chair with excitement as you get closer and closer to completing its fiendish levels." Nintendo Life

"A brilliantly well put-together labour of love, Kid Tripp will have you gnashing your teeth & screaming with joy." PocketGamer

"Kid Tripp not only offers up a charming world that feels familiar, yet different, but it also puts your platforming skills to the test with pixel-perfect touch controls." Destructoid

"Quite simply, this is the finest platforming experience you can buy now on iOS." Save/Continue

"Tough as nails, but tight as a drum, Kid Tripp brings the thrills of old-skool platforming to the auto-runner genre." AppSpy

"If you're up to the challenge, Kid Tripp is a sometimes brutally hard, yet incredibly rewarding little platform runner." TouchArcade

"Those who love speed running in other games and mastering perfect runs should absolutely delight in Kid Tripp." Gamezebo

"Kid Tripp is right up there with some of the other great retro titles out there like Meganoid and Mikey Shorts." Arcade Sushi

Notice: The iOS version of Kid Tripp is temporarily unavailable due to compatability issues with iOS 11+.